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he META Group, a leading U.S.-based research organization, had ranked the Philippines No.1 in the knowledge jobs category of a 47-country survey of technological competitiveness (for details on META Group's June 27, 2000 press release, please click here).

As such, the Philippines is a good source of generally well educated, highly skilled, and easy to train workers who are available at a reasonable cost.  Companies considering the use of Philippine labor are likely to find many opportunities.  An example of such opportunity is MTPINOY.COM

MTPINOY.COM provides dependable medical transcription services.  The features and benefits of our services include: 
  • Excellent Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Strong Data Security
  • Staffed by Filipino Nurses
  • 12-Hour Turnaround Time
  • Reduced Malpractice Risks
  • Anonymous Transcriptions
Thank you for your interest in MTPINOY.COM.  Feel free to explore our website.

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