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Digital Dictation File Formats

We support the following digital dictation file formats:

  • Olympus tm (DS2000 and DS3000) Handheld Digital Recorder Files (*.dss) - preferred dictation file format
  • Sony tm Handheld Digital Recorder Files (*.ics/*.msv)
  • Voice-It tm Handheld Digital Recorder Files (*.sri)
  • MPEG Layer III Audio Files (*.mp3)
  • Dictaphone tm Audio Files
  • Dialogic Vox tm Audio Files (*.vox)
  • Real Audio tm Files (*.ra)
  • Digital Voice (DVI) tm Audio Files
  • DSP Group TrueSpeech tm Audio Files (*.wav)
  • PCDart / BCB tm Truespeech Audio Files
  • Microsoft tm Wave Audio Files (*.wav) 
  • Microsoft tm Windows Media Player Files (*.wma) 
Advancements in audio compression have made possible squeezing a four (4mb) megabyte wav audio file into a two hundred (200kb) kilobyte compressed audio file.  Audio compression will save you time and money.
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