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Revenue Cycle Management (Medical Billing) Support 

We work closely with medical billing and electronic health records (EHR) companies on improving accounts receivable collection, reduce reimbursement issues, and provide revenue cycle management support at very affordable service rates.

Our revenue cycle management (A/R) support service include:

  • Checking patient and insurance information (insurance cards, eligibility, benefits and coverage) before and after date of service
  • Submitting new and crossover claims
  • Checking and resolving duplicate claims
  • Aggressively following up on pending claims
  • Responding to claim denials, resolve EOB issues, and submit CMS-1500 forms
  • Contacting payers directly (via phone calls) to resolve other claim related issues
  • Posting patient payments (co-pay, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket)
  • Processing claims eligible for bad debt and collection
  • Queueing patient statements for printing and mailing

Medical billing is an important job and we take extra care to minimize costly errors.  Although time is of the essence, we take time to double check both manual and electronic health forms before processing a claim.  We anticipate potential errors and take preventive steps even before they occur.

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